Fresh Perspectives on the Civil War

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Thu. March 23, 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM

UVa Harrison Institute / Small Special Collections

UVa Central Grounds, 160 McCormick Rd, Charlottesville, VA 22904

Sponsored by: John L. Nau III Center for the Study of the American Civil War, UVa


D.H. Dilbeck (A More Civil War: How the Union Waged a Just War), Jon Grinspan (The Virgin Vote: How Young Americans Made Democracy Social, Politics Personal, and Voting Popular in the Nineteenth Century), and Kanisorn Wongsrichanalai (Northern Character: College Educated New-Englanders, Honor, Nationalism, and Leadership in the Civil War Era) will speak on their studies of the Civil War.

Why should you attend?

“D.H. Dilbeck has produced a judicious, accessible, and fresh book answering the complicated question: was the American Civil War a just war? A More Civil War examines the elements of a conflict waged hard but one that also yielded humane and legal restrictions codified by Columbia professor Francis Lieber in 1863. An excellent introduction to the role of morality and law in wartime for students and general readers alike.” — Joan Waugh, author of U. S. Grant

“In an age when politics often seems remote from the lives and concerns of young people, Jon Grinspan recovers a lost world of youthful engagement with American public life. His colorful and energetic prose captures the spirit of the half century when young men and young women from all classes and ethnicities cared passionately about politics. Grinspan tells the story without nostalgia but with affection and respect for these young Americans.” — Edward L. Ayers, author of In the Presence of Mine Enemies: Civil War in the Heart of America

“[Northern Character] is the first comprehensive study of a group of young men who provided vital leadership to the Union war effort and played key roles in the post-war United States. It makes a significant scholarly contribution to a variety of discussions regarding nationalism, social class, manhood, and the nature of leadership in the Union Army.” — Lorien Foote, Texas A&M University




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