Night Moves: Poets Nystrom, Seibles, and Spaar

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Thu. March 23, 8:00 PM - 9:30 PM

Meade Hall, Christ Episcopal Church

120 West High Street, Charlottesville, Va. 22902


Debra Nystrom (Night Sky Frequencies: New and Selected Poems), Virginia poet laureate Tim Seibles (One Turn Around the Sun), and Lisa Russ Spaar (Orexia) read from and discuss their recent collections of work.

Why should you attend?

Three Virginian poets at the height of their powers. Special letterpress broadsides commissioned for this reading.

“Debra Nystrom’s poems are like prairie grass bending in the wind and living off of nothing. They contain a stark human story of two abandoned children—Will and Ellie—whose darker hair and skin make them aware of differences. This is the story of their lives. If you listen closely, beyond the hard-caked land, the parched air, and the oceanic loneliness, you will hear a harmonica playing. The night sky glistens with constellations. And something pure is being lifted out of nothingness.”—Henri Cole

“Tim Seibles’ work is proof: the new American poet can’t just speak one language. In his new book, he fuses our street corners’ quickest wit, our violent vernaculars, and our numerous tongues of longing and love. He records danger. He records the sensual world. And he records a troubled enlightenment, which is a ‘fast animal’ pivoting toward two histories at once.”—National Book Foundation

“Thrumming with the triune hungers of mind, mouth, and spirit, Lisa Russ Spaar’s fifth book plumbs daily life in order to transcend it, discovering and embodying the sacred and erogenous as it does so. Seductive and symphonic, Orexia is the latest glory by the ‘ringleader of a stunning lexicon.'”—Shenandoah



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