Save Room! Cookbooks with a Sweet Tooth

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Wed. March 22, 4:00 PM - 5:30 PM

Barnes & Noble

1035 Emmet Street North, Barracks Road Shopping Center, Charlottesville, VA 22903

Hosted by: Charlottesville Cooking School


Cookbook authors Sheri Castle (Rhubarb) and Ronni Lundy (Sorghum’s Savor) discuss desserts and recipes from their cookbooks to help satisfy your sweet tooth.

Why Should You Attend?

“There’s so much more to these blush-colored stalks than pie, as author Sheri Castle has proven with this volume. Through recipes as varied as pork chops with rhubarb pan dressing and rose-rhubarb trifle, Castle has shown us that this springtime stunner deserves our year-round attention in the kitchen.”—Short Stack

“Sorghum has been a culinary fixture for half of my life, but this book explains its significance, its community, its lore, and its place so eloquently that I feel remiss in not discovering it even sooner. In a world of rapid loss of rural food staples, Sorghum’s Savor implores us to pay attention.”—Hugh Acheson, James Beard Award-winning chef