Strong Women, Artful Lives

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Wed. March 22, 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM

New Dominion Bookshop

404 E Main St, Charlottesville, VA 22902


Frances Curtis Barnhart (The Beauty of Impermanence) and Beatrix Ost (More than Everything and The Philosopher’s Style) share the stories of their lives and their art.

Why should you attend?

“Frances’ intuitive wisdom has led her to experiences most folks would have run from. Her story is intimate, poetic, intelligent and, ultimately, inspiring. This book is a page turner.” –Nancy Slonim Aronie, NPR commentator and author of Writing from the Heart

“Beatrix Ost’s memoir of her artistic awakening and early marriage opens on the heels of Germany’s recovery from the self-imposed disasters of World War II. She….shakes free of an impossibly dark life as the wife of an alcoholic…brushes off the stardust of romance and, stepping back in the light, comes into her own.” –Barbara Epler, President of New Directions Publishing

“Beatrix is a one-of-a-kind woman. Her sense of style is her life. A Philosopher first; then an Author, an Artist, a Designer, a Decorator, a Stylist, a Mother, a Sister, a Lover and a Muse. A friend to many and an enemy of none.” –Valentina Ilardi Martin, Editor-in-Chief of Grey Magazine