The Tragedy of Racism and Racial Violence

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Sat. March 25, 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM

Jefferson School African American Heritage Center

233 4th St NW, Charlottesville, VA 22903


Charles B. Dew (The Making of a Racist: A Southerner Reflects on Family, History, and the Slave Trade), Jason Morgan Ward (Hanging Bridge: Racial Violence and America’s Civil Rights Century), and Marjory Wentworth (We Are Charleston: Tragedy and Triumph at Mother Emanuel) examine questions of race, civil rights, and horrific violence.

Why Should You Attend?

“Each one of Charles Dew’s books has helped shape the conversation on the history of race in this nation. His new book, which combines an honest autobiography of life in the 1950s with a sobering account of archival history and reckoning, is a characteristically eloquent reflection. Dew allows us to understand just how deeply racial thinking saturated white southerners who were otherwise admirable people. Charles Dew is one of our wisest and most humane historians.” –Edward L. Ayers, author of The Promise of the New South: Life after Reconstruction

“Jason Morgan Ward delves deep into the violent heart of one rural county in Mississippi to tell a powerful and provocative story. Two lynchings, six victims, and generations of terror, trauma, and lies–this book excavates key truths about the politics and culture of white supremacy, as the ever-present threat of murder evolved into subtler attacks on African Americans. Hanging Bridge tells a ghost story that continues to haunt us–absolutely unforgettable.” –Daniel J. Sharfstein, author of The Invisible Line: A Secret History of Race in America

We Are Charleston not only recounts the events of that terrible day but also offers a history lesson that reveals a deeper look at the suffering, triumph, and even the ongoing rage of the people who formed Mother Emanuel A.M.E. Church and the wider denominational movement.” –Thomas Nelson Press


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