Published March 11, 2020

If you’re yearning for the engaging author discussions that the Virginia Festival of the Book is known for, check out some of our archived livestreams from the 2019 Festival below (just click the link for each program to watch the video of that discussion).

  1. American Addictions: Our Opioids Crisis—with Beth Macy and Chris McGreal
  2. Squeezed: Why Our Families Can’t Afford America—with Alissa Quart     
  3. History Embodied: Public Monuments & Power—with Charlottesville City Councilor Wes Bellamy and former Mayor of New Orleans Mitch Landrieu
  4. Ruth King: Mindful of Race          
  5. Red Truck Bakery Cookbook Demo with Brian Noyes
  6. Speaking Fearlessly: Tressie McMillan Cottom
  7. Place & Politics in Music: Cultural Histories—with Jesse Jarnow and John Lingan
  8. New Writing on Climate Change: A Dialogue on Responsibility—with Mike Gunter Jr., Susan Hand Shetterly, and Rick Van Noy
  9. Political (Dis)harmony: Music & Social Movements—with Jesse Jarnow, Tim Mohr, and Imani Perry 
  10. The Attractions of Power: Latin America—with Herbert Tico Braun and Daniel Chavez 
  11. Overcoming the Odds: Biographies of Great American Leaders—with Raymond Arsenault and David W. Blight
  12. Writing Tough Topics with Laurie Halse Anderson and Jason Reynolds
  13. Latinx Fiction for Young Readers—with Hilda Eunice Burgos, Angela Dominguez, Mia García, and K.K. Pérez 
  14. Friday Black: A Conversation with Nana Kwame Adjei-Brenyah and Ron Charles
  15. An Afternoon with the National Book Awards—with Leslie Connor, Rebecca Makkai, Diana Khoi Nguyen, Sarah Smarsh, and Lisa Lucas
  16. Letters About Literature Celebration—with Robbi Behr and Matthew Swanson
  17. Finding Wisdom: A Letterpress Project—with Amos Paul Kennedy, Jr. 
  18. A World Built on Bondage: Racism and Human Diversity in Award-Winning Fiction—with Esi Edugyan, John Edgar Wideman, and Rita Dove
  19. Global Currents: Untethered Foreign Affairs—with James Kirchick and Syaru Shirley Lin (courtesy Charlottesville TV10)
  20. True Crime: Taking Back the Power—with Victoria Bruce and William Oldfield (courtesy Charlottesville TV10)
  21. Generals Behaving Badly—with Joyce Malcolm, John Reeves, and Mary Stockwell (courtesy Charlottesville TV10)
  22. Southern Discomfort: Journalists Explore Guns and Drugs—with Thomas Kapsidelis and Pam Kelley (courtesy Charlottesville TV10)
  23. Commonplace to Critical: Soy and Cork—with Matthew Roth and David Taylor (courtesy Charlottesville TV10)
  24. Environmental Elegies: Sharing the World with Plants and Animals—with Clinton Crockett Peters and Susan Hand Shetterly (courtesy Charlottesville TV10)
  25. Hand-Me-Down Identities: Memoirs with Parents—with Mary Carter Bishop, Bridgett Davis, and Erin Hosier (courtesy Charlottesville TV10)
  26. Organizing for the Common Good: Labor Unions and Strikes in America—with Jessica Salfia and Lynn Waltz (courtesy Charlottesville TV10)
  27. Women and War: Untold Stories—with Heath Lee and Eileen Rivers (courtesy Charlottesville TV10)
  28. Hate / Speech: Confronting Discrimination with Free Expression—with Arjun Sethi and Nadine Strossen (courtesy Charlottesville TV10)
  29. Extraordinary Lives in Group Portraits—with Deborah Baker, Catherine Kerrison, and Caroline Weber (courtesy Charlottesville TV10)
  30. Terrorists: Psychology, Ideology and Circumstance—with Prudence Bushnell and Farhana Qazi (courtesy Charlottesville TV10)
  31. Anti-Semitism and a Defense Against Hatred in America—with Jonathan Weisman (courtesy Charlottesville TV10)
  32. Rebels With a Cause—with Hal Crowther and Charles Marsh (courtesy C-SPAN BookTV)
  33. A Conversation with Melanie Hatter—with Melanie Hatter and Jane Hansen (courtesy C-SPAN BookTV)

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