Published April 27, 2020

In times like these, a good book can’t fix everything, but it can help. We remain committed to supporting the residents of our community and our Commonwealth, by sharing books and virtual programming that we hope will inspire hope and resiliency, or at least provide a momentary escape from our uncertain reality.

Keep reading for suggested reading by 2020 Festival authors and, if you can, please consider supporting authors, publishers, and local booksellers by purchasing copies of the books that speak to you…

Suggested Reading for Foodies

If you’re looking for simple homemade cooking inspiration to stay nourished and healthy, these books represent a mixture of cookbooks, agricultural histories, and anthologies of food writing that will satisfy your appetite while feeding your curiosity.

Suggested Reading for Poets and Poetry Lovers

The poetry that we planned to feature in this year’s Festival comes in all shapes and sizes, with subjects ranging from politics and social justice, to classical myth and history, to love and loss, the environment, and more.

Suggested Reading for the Social Justice Activist

Social justice activists take many forms, but identifying and examining inequalities past and present is a starting place for many. These books tackle race, class, and socioeconomic disparities from the ground up, offering hopeful visions for change in the future.

Suggested Reading for Those Who Love Literary Fiction

If you need a bit of escapism or simply want to be reminded of a way of life before social distancing, these literary fiction suggestions explore Basque culture, Appalachian feminism, Bengali folklore, lifelong friendships, ghosts, family dramas, and even kung-fu fighting teenagers.

Suggested Reading for Young Readers

Young readers of all ages—kindergartners, middle-schoolers, adolescents, and the young at heart—will enjoy the range of tales told in these books, from the inspirational story of Ruth Bader Ginsburg as depicted in graphic novel form to a re-imagining of the Orpheus myth as a love story between two teenage girls who are sent to conversion therapy.

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